The Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) and the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) are jointly launching the campaign ‘#StopDuterteNow’ today (on June 30, 2017); the day Duterte was sworn into office as the President of the Philippines last year.

#StopDuterteNow is a global campaign that aims to halt Duterte’s reign of terror in the Philippines. The campaign features a series of short video messages that will be directly addressed to Duterte, outlining what we think about his war on drugs.

In October 2016, ANPUD and INPUD organized the Global Week of Action campaign with the support from the Regional Response Team (RRT), the Asia regional coordinating body on Philippines war on drugs. Protests were organised outside the Philippines embassy in many cities around the world. Many statements against Duterte have made by United Nations (UN) agencies, over 45 UN member states, the European Union, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and over 370 community and civil society organizations globally. Two cases have been filed in the ICC for his crimes against humanity. However, such efforts and concerns were either mocked or openly challenged by Duterte.

One year on in the Philippines, over 12,000 murders, 12,000,000 surrenders and 64,000 arrests of people who use or are suspected of using drugs have been reported. More than 60% of these killings have reportedly been carried out by masked vigilante gunmen. Prisons are cramped and those in prisons are subject to an extremely slow-moving national judiciary system.

Duterte’s regime has shown us the worst of humanity; cruelty, degradation and persecution of people who use drugs and communities. We cannot tolerate his terror and loss of human lives anymore.

We call on human rights advocates, UN agencies, member states, media and individuals who believe that every human life is of value to take action by joining this social media and video campaign to #stopdutertenow. We need to keep Duterte’s crimes in the public eye, maintain pressure, and gain momentum for demanding change. Duterte must be stopped.

Please forward this email to your friends and networks. The human rights crisis in the Philippines needs your attention; people who use drugs and their families who are living in fear need our solidarity.

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Watch the Global call for action video at here

The campaign guidance note briefly explains how/what every individual can do to support/contribute to the campaign.

This campaign was conceived during the Harm Reduction 2017 conference in Montreal, and many of you contributed to the campaign with powerful video messages and feedback during the planning process. Today’s launch would not have been possible without your support.

Thank you for standing with people who use drugs in the Philippines, in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

The Asian Network of People who use Drugs (ANPUD)
The International Network of People who use Drugs (INPUD)