Organised by the Global Fund Community Rights and Gender (CRG) Department, communities and civil society met with the incoming Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mr Peter Sands on the 31st January 2018 during the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

During the one hour meeting, Peter Sands expressed the following key points in reaction to questions and concerns articulated by communities and civil society:

  • Acknowledging the critical role that communities and civil society have in situations where there are complex and challenging cultural and social dimensions, and the importance of engaging communities and civil society and bringing along necessary stakeholders to tackle CRG issues to address inequalities
  • Maintaining commitment towards key, marginalised and vulnerable populations and working together in navigating fluid, complex and complicated social and political dynamics in countries to tackle the three epidemics
  • There is the need to address TB at both the global and national levels, especially on the need for TB to gain more political momentum and commitment to implement programmes more effectively and serve the communities that are most affected
  • The Global Fund as a catalyst in countries where perhaps smaller amounts of money are able to leverage more resources domestically as the reality is that we have limited resources and need to make choices, understanding trade-offs and opportunity costs
  • The need for increased domestic resources for sustainable programmes and interventions, including funding for communities and civil society

Communities and Civil society also shared additional concerns regarding the following:

  • More ambition needs to be expressed in the investment case of the Global Fund that will pave the way for its resource mobilisation and replenishment
  • Evolving the Global Fund in advocacy and lobbying so that we are able to identify resources for different countries/contexts together
  • The need for embedding CRG within the Global Fund as an institution
  • A representative from the regional network of people who use drugs also highlighted the need to bring down drug prices and to combat TRIPs in accessing lower prices for commodities and diagnostics, as well as being able to adequately address sustainability in transitioning contexts