The 38th Board Meeting of the Global Fund was held on the 14th & 15th November 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Communities Delegation was attended by a ten-Member Delegation that included the following:

  • Mr Rico Gustav (Board Member), Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), Indonesia/Netherlands
  • Ms Maurine Murenga (Alternate Board Member), Lean on Me Foundation, Kenya
  • Ms Rachel Ong (Communications Focal Point), Communities Delegation, Singapore
  • Mr Raoul Fransen (Member), International Civil Society Support (ICSS), Netherlands
  • Ms Olivia Ngou Zangue (Member), Roll Back Malaria, Cameroon
  • Ms Rodelyn Melad Marte (Member), APCASO, Philippines/Thailand
  • Mr Nicholas Niwagaba (Member), Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS, Uganda
  • Mr Abdulai Sesay (Member), Civil Society Movement Against Tuberculosis in Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
  • Mr Carlos De Leon Moreno (Member), Acciones Voluntarias sobre Educación en México AVE de México, Mexico
  • Mr Charles Siwela (Member), Youth Engage, Zimbabwe

Prior to the Board Meeting, additional Communities Delegation Members also supported the ten-Member Delegation in developing positions of the Communities Delegation at the 37th Global Fund Board Meeting during the Delegation Pre-Meeting held on the 28th – 30th April. They were:

  • Mr Achut Sitaula (Member), National Association of PLHIV in Nepal (NAP+N) , Nepal
  • Mr Alexandr Curasov (Member), Moldova
  • Mr Michael Gwaba (Member), Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC), Zambia
  • Mr Louis Da Gama (Member), Princess of Africa Foundation & Global Health Advocates, UK/Portugal
  • Ms Thokozile Phiri (Member), Facilitators of Community Transformation (FACT), Malawi

The 38th Board Meeting had over 20 documents for information/reading/decision-making, and made nine (9) decisions. The full list of Board Meeting documents, and Board decisions is available here.

The Communities Delegation shared its 38th Board Meeting Communities Delegation Constituency Statement upon request by the Office of Board Affairs on some key documents/issues prior to the Board Meeting. This was shared with all Members of the Global Fund Board prior to the Board Meeting.

At the 38th Board Meeting, the Communities Delegation had the following key issues/positions/concerns on the following agenda items:

1. 2018 Corporate Work Plan and Budget Narrative and the 2018 Operating Expenses Budget (Decision Point GF/B38/DP06)
The Communities Delegation remains concerned that the 3-year budget ceiling of US$300 million per year is an arbitrary figure that does not reflect the current need of the Global Fund Secretariat even though there is a need to remain efficient within this ceiling. The Communities Delegation expressed concerns that the decision point with tradeoffs may include the mid-term review of the Strategy and the preparation of the 6th Replenishment and asked that this does not happen. The Communities Delegation requested for the Secretariat to return to the Board with requests if needed, understanding that there may be different streams of work that may exceed this budget ceiling.

2. Resource Mobilisation Action Plan (Decision Point GF/B38/DP07)
With the Developed Country NGO and Developing Country NGO Delegations, the Communities Delegation submitted this decision point to ensure that the incoming Executive Director develops a framework for the Resource Mobilisation Action Plan (2018 – 2019) and to present a fully costed plan to the relevant upcoming 7th Committees in June/July 2018.

3. Approval of Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption (Decision Point GF/B38/DP09)
The Communities Delegation abstained from this decision point based on the principle of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption with the exceptions within the document that is granted by the Executive Director.

4. Appointment of the Executive Director (Decision Point GF/B38/DP03)
Leading up to the final selection of the Executive Director at the 38th Board Meeting, the Communities Delegation prioritised for the incoming Executive Director to be able to achieve and align his/her principles and work ethics according to the Global Fund Strategy 2017 – 2022. As such, the Communities Delegation supported the appointment of Mr Peter Sands as the next Executive Director of the Global Fund for a four-year term.

A statement released by the Communities Delegation after the appointment of the Executive Director is available here.

5. Venezuela
Although the issue on Venezuela was not an agenda item at the Board Meeting, the Communities Delegation during the Implementer Meeting on the 12th November 2017 proposed to develop an Implementer Group Statement on Venezuela. This was shared with the Board Constituencies during the Board Meeting, and its main points was also highlighted by the Vice-Chair of the Implementer Group and Communities Delegation Alternate Board Member, Ms Muaurine Murenga.

The Communities Delegation remains committed to the issues facing communities living with HIV and affected by Tuberculosis and Malaria in Venezuela.