The Communities Delegation held its annual on the 28th February to 1st March 2016 at the Monarch Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. An induction was held on the 27th February for new members of the Delegation. The annual retreat was organised by the Communities Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund, and hosted by the International Community Women Living with HIV (ICW). Communities Delegation Members also took the opportunity to meet with local communities and civil society organisations in Nairobi. This retreat was facilitated by independent consultant Ms Sarah Middleton-Lee, while Mr Jeff Hoover was the rapporteur for the meeting.


The objectives of the Communities Retreat were to:

  1. Orientate new members of the Communities Delegation to the structures, strategies, and processes of the Global Fund and the Delegation.
  2. Review key internal policies and processes of the Communities Delegation and, as necessary, provide recommendations for further deliberation by the wider Delegation.
  3. Strategise on Global Fund issues and processes of priority concern to the Communities Delegation, and identify the Delegation’s related strategies, positions and messages.
  4. Discuss and develop a draft work plan for the Communities Delegation for the next 18 months.

New Members of the Communities Delegation underwent a one-day induction on the 27th February to strengthen understanding of the Global Fund, its governance structure at the global and national levels, and what is the Communities Delegation, and how does it work.


Front row (left to right): Rico Gustav, Sarah Middleton-Lee, Louis Da Gama, Betty Babirye*, Erika Castallenos*, Constance Njovu*, Clara Banya*, Maximina Jokonya*, Maurine Murenga. Back row (left to right): Raoul Fransen, Alexandr Curasov, Nicholas Niwagaba*, Anton Basenko*.

Members of the Delegation then held one-day internal planning discussions on the 28th February where the key issues of internal documents/policies were discussed, as well as the position of the Delegation on the Board Composition Report and nominations towards the new Committees in May 2016 – Strategy Committee (SC), Audit and Finance Committee (AFC), and the Ethics and Governance Committee (EGC).

Partners from the Developed Country NGO Delegation, Developing Country NGO Delegation, APCASO (CRG Special Initiative Asia-Pacific Platform), Global Fund Secretariat and International HIV/AIDS Alliance joined the Communities Delegation Members on the 29th February and 1st March where Delegation Members reviewed its achievements and accomplishments in the year 2015 and discussed its strategies, positions and lines in the sand on the Sustainability, Transitioning and Co-Financing Policy, Allocation Methodology, Key Performance Indicators Framework 2017 – 2022, and the Global Fund Replenishment. The Communities Delegation also met with local communities and civil society networks/organisations on the afternoon of the 29th February to understand more on the impact of Global Fund resources/mechanisms on country level work, and the opportunities and challenges that communities and civil society organisations still face with Global Fund processes.

The Communities Delegation will be sharing its key positions in the coming weeks prior to the 34th Global Fund Board Meeting to be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on the 26th and 27th April 2016.