The Implementer Voting Group developed a statement that was shared at the 38th Board Meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland on the 14th and 15th November with the Board of the Global Fund on calling on a humanitarian response to AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria in Venezuela.

Specifically, the Implementer Group called upon:

  • The Members of the Global Fund Partnership; especially donor constituencies to urgently follow the example set by Japan, and contribute funding through the existing procurement mechanism (i.e. the PAHO Strategic Fund). As by the end of 2017, all HIV, TB and malaria commodities will face stock-outs;
  • The International Community to channel resources to Venezuelan Civil Society to enable them to continue monitoring the situation, and to also provide capacity for community responses through the distribution of medications an commodities;
  • Governments receiving People Living with HIV from Venezuela who are seeking treatment, should for humanitarian reasons, provide them the necessary, as well as, quality services and treatment needed, and stop deporting them as this inevitably equates to a death sentence for these communities; and
  • The Global Fund to continue exploring concrete mechanisms to support this unprecedented health crisis, as well as, developing a more proactive and effective approach to countries in crisis.

This statement was developed led by members of the Implementer Group from the Communities Delegation, Developing Country NGO Delegation, Developed Country NGO Delegation, Latin America and Caribbean Constituency, and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Constituency.