[GNP+] Voicing Communities Interests in the Global Fund: A Guideline for the Involvement of People Living with HIV in Global Fund’s Country Coordination Mechanism

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+) is proud to present, Voicing Community Interests in the Global Fund, a how-to guide that aims to strengthen active community...

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Communities Delegation Update on Eligibility discussions from the 4th Strategy Committee Meeting

The Strategy Committee met at its 4th Strategy Committee Meeting on the 21st - 23rd June 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. As part of the Strategy Committee Meeting, the Strategy Committee discussed over the course of 4 hours over two days to provide clear guidance to the...

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REPOST: Global Fund Request for Proposals Invitation Notice – Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative

Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (2017 - 19) Component 2 Strengthening the Capacity of Key Populations Networks to Meaningfully Engage in Global Fund Related Processes Issue Date: 18 May 2017 RFP Closing Date: 19 June 2017 Proposal Submission Address:...

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Repost: APCOM Report finds involvement of Indonesia’s MSM and Transgender Community in the Global Fund New Funding Model need to be strengthened

Repost from ACPCOM News on the 16th December APCOM and GWL-INA, the national network of MSM and transgender communities in Indonesia, has launched the Scoping Report: INDONESIA: The involvement of the MSM and transgender community with the Global Fund New Funding...

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Communities Delegation Communique from the 36th Global Fund Board Meeting

The 36th Board Meeting of the Global Fund was held on the 16th& 17th November in Montreux, Switzerland. The Communities Delegation was attended by a ten-Member Delegation: Mr Rico Gustav (Board Member), Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+),...

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Summary: Joint Communities and Civil Society Pre-17th SIIC/FOPC Meeting and outcomes of the 17th SIIC Meeting

Members of the Communities, Developed Country NGO and Developing Country NGO Delegations met on the 6th and 7th March in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss and strategise on the key issues on the 17th Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC) and 17th Finance and...

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